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Romney victory would destroy US relations with Europe

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While meaning to bash Obama, the Romney team has repeatedly slammed Europe as if it's a tainted region. Though Romney lived in a mansion in a posh neighborhood of Paris while sitting out the Vietnam war, that was yesterday and today it's bash Europe day.

What's especially interesting about this new poll is that even with our strongest traditional friend, Brits are turned off by Romney. His clumsy European vacation was a classic example of the ugly American, offending everyone at every opportunity. Even Bush had more common sense than the deep-pocketed Romney.

Does the US really need another round of bad relations with our allies?
But the most striking finding was the level of antipathy towards the Republican in Europe. Although he is still largely an unknown quantity outside the US, he alienated many during an ill-fated overseas trip in the summer, particularly in Britain, where he appeared to publicly criticise Olympic planning and the level of enthusiasm for the London games.

Forty-seven percent of UK respondents said a Romney victory would make them feel less favourable towards the US, and only 3% would make them feel more favourable.

That sentiment was mirrored in Germany and France, where only 4% and 5% respectively said that he would make them feel more favourable towards the US. In Germany, 48% said it would make them feel less favourable and in France 38%.
Anyone else remember the silly story that the Romney campaign floated during his trip to the UK about the Churchill bust? Besides being an odd point to make - what other country puts the bust of a foreign leader in the office of their president? - it also shows how little he understands about the world around him. He's keen to provide the symbolism of an old friend yet his actions show something else. Romney is viewed as a blundering, offensive fool, even in the UK.

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