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Morning roar and a severe case of bed-head

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Because not everything is about politics.

This is how I'm greeted each morning. As soon as Sasha thinks she senses I'm awake, she peeks out from under the comforter and I get the double-pawed pounce/plop on my chest, and if the petting doesn't commence quickly, the whining begins...

Oh, so I mentioned that we'll be launching AMERICAblog 3.0 (or possibly 2.5) in about a week or so, if all goes well.  And one of the new things we'll launching is a regular post, perhaps 3 times a week (maybe more), of your pets photos.  We already have the Flickr embed of your pet photos on the side of the site, but this will be a regular feature in which I write a post highlighting one of your pets, including a photo (or two), and a story about your pet.  The story can be whatever you like - funny, sad, touching - just tell me something interesting about your current or former pet and I'll start posting the stories on the blog, in addition to adding them of course to the Flickr box.

Send us your pet's photo, and a paragraph or so about them, to:
And put "pet" in the subject line.

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