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Romney warns of defense cuts his vice presidential candidate voted for

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So, two weeks late, Mitt Romney finally got around to thanking the troops yesterday. And then he took a swipe at the automatic budget cuts that will go into effect if Congress can't reach a new budget deal.
Facing criticism for failing to mention American troops or the Afghan war effort in his convention speech, Mitt Romney spoke before National Guard members on Tuesday and called for robust support of the nation’s armed forces, saying that “the return of our troops cannot and must not be used as an excuse to hollow out our military through devastating defense budget cuts.”

Mr. Romney highlighted the threat of automatic Pentagon cuts after a failure to reach a budget deal in Congress — a theme he has used recently to hammer the Obama administration.
Only problem? Romney's VP candidate, Paul Ryan voted for that budget deal.

You see, Romney and the Republicans have been trying to blame President Obama for the automatica budget cuts, including defense, that congress voted for a ways back. The Republicans were on board, or the thing wouldn't have passed. But now, the Republicans - as many of us predicted - have no intention of keeping their part of the bargain, and surprise, they want defense exempt from the automatic cuts.

So, in an effort to stop the defense cuts, and to score partisan gain, the Republicans have somehow come up with the notion that President Obama is responsible for the impending cuts. When in fact, it's Paul Ryan who's responsible because he's the guy who voted for the trigger.

But never underestimate Mitt Romney's, and especially Paul Ryan's, ability to lie. If Romney and Ryan are responsible for it, you can be sure that they'll be blaming you for it any day now.

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