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Pope talks about "groping in the darkness" at Easter Mass

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Unfortunately he wasn't talking about the "groping in the darkness" by numerous priests, but everyone else instead. No, addressing the global problem of child rape by priests as well as the cover up by senior leaders in the church has once again not made the list for the Pope. The morally bankrupt Catholic church, who is now even fighting a morality war with the Girls Scouts, is much more comfortable blaming everyone else than taking a hard look at the black hole of corruption within the church, right up to the top. BBC News:

Pope Benedict XVI is set to lead Easter Sunday Mass in Rome's St Peter's Square and deliver his traditional Easter message from the basilica's balcony.

At a vigil Mass on Saturday evening, he voiced fears that mankind is "groping in the darkness, unable to distinguish good from evil".

The theme of his homily was the contrast between darkness and light.

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