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Emily Loizeau: "Je ne sais pas choisir"

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We did an Emily Loizeau song earlier, and it was well received. She's quite an interesting performer.

So here's another, a clever sly song about having problems choosing. Unlike the previous video, this is a studio performance with two other musicians.

The song, "Je ne sais pas choisir" ("I don't know how to choose", or "I just can't choose") starts with a sly, sexy verse, then turns (comically perhaps) more serious.

The sexy part, to get you started:

When I sleep all alone, I say, God it would be good
To share my bed with nice young guy.
When I share my bed with a nice young guy,
I say, to sleep all alone,
Oh God that would be good.

No, it's really true, I don't know how to choose
It's really annoying, you don't have to tell me.
No, it's really true, I don't know how to choose.
It's really quite disturbing, so just let me sleep.
Note the off-hand manner of performance; that distancing from the material is part of the fun of this piece — as is the Mozartean quality to the music. (Could you guess she's classically trained?)

Listen first; the rest of the translation (roughly) is below.

As you watch, pay attention to the man half-hidden on screen-right. From time to time, he reaches over the back of the piano to play his part one-handed ... and backward. Interesting.

So the first problem is choosing to sleep or not sleep with someone. Here are the other choices she can't make:
When I'm dining Indian, I pick Chicken Tikka
Then tell myself Lamb Korma would be best.
When, at last, I'm eating shrimp with grapes,
I tell myself I should have
ordered veg.
And some darker ones:
When I want to throw myself from the Pont du Carrousel
I say at last, No, life is beautiful.
When someone tells me, Life is beautiful
I want to throw myself
off the Carrousel Bridge.

When I want to die on Wednesday morning
I tell myself, This can wait till Thursday.
When I wake up on Thursday morning
I tell myself, I should have died
on Wednesday.
But the music is always light. A little masterpiece, in my opinion.

By the way, did you notice that the chorus always ends on an unresolved chord? Except the very last one. Nice.


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