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I swear, my disgust and hatred of these people grows deeper by the moment. Let me say once again, echoing Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard (joined by many of you on the comments), SHUT THE F*CK UP AND DO YOUR JOB. The situation on the ground is getting worse. There are reports of dysentery in Biloxi - that was in every single disaster scenario, so don't you DARE tell us you couldn't plan for this too.

Condoleezza, if you take another trip to the disaster area without a head of state in tow I will personally make sure you never get any job in the NFL when the reign of you godforsaken bunch of idiots is finally over. GET BACK TO WASHINGTON AND DO YOUR JOB - DEPARTMENT OF STATE. Not sure how to do that? Let me give you a clue. Nations want to send help, others need more prodding. Kuwait, for instance, has 10% of the world's oil, think they could do better than $500 million? I sure as sh*t do.

Michael Chertoff, you can stay talking on TV all you want. You have shown yourself to be such an utter moron that I think that the more you try and do, the more damage you'll do. Stay out of the way, in front of a TV camera making an ass out of yourself repeatedly each hour is a perfect distraction for you.

Media: WHY DO YOU CONTINUE TO COVER THESE BULLSH*T PHOTO-OPS? You enable them to waste time with the mutual gratification society. No one in America is any more informed when they are over, it accomplishes nothing.

From AP, via Yahoo:

The Bush administration kept its Hurricane Katrina response and its public relations campaign in overdrive on Sunday, even as first confirmation came from Washington of a dreaded statistic -- that the storm probably killed thousands of people.

Responding to accusations of racial insensitivity, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said, "Nobody, especially the president, would have left people unattended on the basis of race."

Rice, who was sent to her native Alabama, was among four Cabinet secretaries and other high-ranking administration officials who fanned who out across the storm-ravaged region Sunday. President Bush was planning to return to the area Monday, three days after an initial visit, with appearances in Baton Rouge, La., and Poplarville, Miss.
Underscoring the strain of the disaster, Sen. Mary Landrieu (news, bio, voting record), D-La., lashed out at federal officials who she said have denigrated local efforts to deal with the catastrophe.

"If one person criticizes them or says one more thing, including the president of the United States, he will hear from me," she said on the ABC's "This Week." "One more word about it after this show airs and I might likely have to punch him. Literally."
There also were warnings of new dangers. Health and Human Services Secretary Michael Leavitt said he had received a report from Biloxi, Miss., of dysentery -- a painful, sometimes-fatal intestinal disease that causes dehydration. With hot weather, mosquitos and standing water holding human waste, corpses and other contaminants, diseases such as West Nile virus, hepatitis A, salmonella and E. coli bacteria infections also are a concern, he said on CNN.

"We have the ingredients for a bad situation there," Leavitt said.
Local officials had predicted the death toll would reach into the thousands, and federal officials agreed Sunday.

"I think it's evident it's in the thousands," Leavitt said.

Chertoff said an untold number probably will be found dead in swamped homes, temporary shelters where many went for days without food or clean water, or even in the streets once the water is drained from New Orleans, which could take a month or more.

"I think we need to prepare the country for what's coming," Chertoff said on "Fox News Sunday." "It is going to be about as ugly of a scene as I think you can imagine." ROB NOTE: CHERTOFF - IT WAS YOUR JOB TO MAKE SURE THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN.
Rice -- the administration's highest-ranking black -- became its chief defender against charges that help, particularly to the disproportionately black and poor victims in New Orleans, came too slowly. "Americans don't want to see Americans suffer," she said in Alabama. ROB NOTE: HOW DO YOU HAVE TIME TO PLAY PR GAMES?

On television, Chertoff was omnipresent, dispatched by the administration to appear on all five Sunday news shows after FEMA Director Michael Brown's damage-control efforts met with little success last week.

Chertoff echoed the White House line -- saying the time to place blame will come later, but he also said federal officials had trouble getting information from local officials on what was going on. For instance, he said, they hadn't been told by Thursday of the violence and horrible conditions at the New Orleans convention center.
Michael Chertoff you lying sack of sh*t, you disgust me as a human being. My entire government does.

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