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Kuwait Gives $500 Million - Can we have the other $75.6 22.6 billion now?

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Yahoo is featuring a Reuters story about Kuwait giving the US $500 million in "oil products":

Wealthy OPEC nation Kuwait is donating $500 million worth of oil products and other humanitarian aid to its ally the United States to ease the impact of Hurricane Katrina, state news agency KUNA reported on Sunday.
Sheikh Ahmad said the gesture was a duty toward a friend by the tiny Gulf Arab state which was liberated in 1991 by a U.S.-led multinational coalition from seven months of occupation by Iraq.
Tiny Kuwait controls nearly a tenth of global petroleum reserves.
Hey that's a nice gesture I thought. But that reference to the 1991 war to give Kuwatis back their country, just how much did that cost us?

From The Economist, the graphic here, shows the Gulf War cost the US $76.1 22.6 billion.

Kuwait controls one tenth of the world's oil and all they come up with is $500 million?

Mr. President, it's time for our nation to call in some debts. Now that Condoleezza is off her vacation, maybe she should hit the phones and get some of our bills paid.

UPDATE: I just saw on CNN that Condoleezza is out on tour, going to church in Alabama this morning and now going to look at the disaster. TURN ON A GOD DAMN TV AND YOU CAN SEE WHAT'S GOING ON - GET ON THE PHONE AND DO YOUR JOB.

NOTE FROM JOHN: Someone must have told her there was a shoe sale.

UPDATE 2: I've updated the numbers to reflect Randy's comments that other countries helped offset the cash costs to the US in the Gulf War. According to Wikipedia, other nations contributed $53 billion.

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