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Top Corps Leader: Bush and Brown and Chertoff Are Liars

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Chertoff is lying again and again on TV this morning with the ridiculous, indeed insulting lie that NO ONE could have anticipated a hurricane striking AND the levee breaking. Reporters should jump down their throats when they say it. He got off scott free on "Face The Nation," unfortunately, even though there are dozens of documented examples on this website alone not to mention simple common sense proving him wrong. No one anticipated a hurricane striking and the levee breaking at the same time? EVERYONE anticipated that. The latest proof Chertoff and Bush and Brown are lying, this from the LA Times:

Lt. Gen. Carl Strock, the [Army Corp of Engineers] commander, conceded Friday that the government had known the New Orleans levees could never withstand a hurricane higher than a Category 3. Corps officials shuddered, he said, when they realized that Katrina was barreling down on the Gulf Coast with the vastly greater destructive force of a Category 5 — the strongest type of hurricane. Washington, he said, had rolled the dice.

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