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White House (Rove) bashing local officials who were working while Bush vacationed

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CNN reported that Governor Kathleen Blanco just learned this morning the President's itinerary for his trip today. They are trying to cut her out. Let's not forget, Blanco and Nagin were on the front lines of Katrina while Bush STAYED ON VACATION. But that's not stopping the White House/Rove who are still trashing local and state officials reports the Washington Post:

Late last week, Bush said he was unhappy with the overall response, but the aide made it clear he was most upset with the local plan -- not his own administration's efforts. Bush lost patience with local officials when he learned that thousands of people were sent to the New Orleans convention center for relief only to learn their was no assistance for victims there, the aide said, calling this the "tipping point." Bush infuriated Blanco and other local officials when he sought late Friday night to federalize the relief effort and seize control of National Guard and other operations. The governor refused, and tensions between the federal and local officials worsened.
Bush lost patience? George Bush was on vacation while those local officials were being overwhelmed by the biggest natural disaster ever to hit the country. The President toured Arizona and California on Monday and Tuesday playing politics while people were dying. He didn't leave his VACATION until Wednesday afternoon.

Now, they have the fucking audacity to question the initial response by local officials.

BUSH STAYED ON VACATION. The White House runs a good political smear campaign. They suck at running the country.

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