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Aside from the Wash Post, the coverage has been good

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Check this out, I think CBS reported on it on the air.

The Independent (UK).

CNN International

Al Jazeera.

The NYT has a story for Thursday with possibly the worst quotes yet from the military. Not only does the Pentagon claim they have nothing to identify the soldiers with (oh, how about THEIR FACES IN THE PHOTOS, YOU MORONS), and they say they can't tell if those are real body parts or not. I kid you not, this is their excuse. They think perhaps the man sitting in the car with his head blown off and two US troops peering in is, what, a dummy? The dismembered arm dangling from the wall with the soldier smiling at it, is, what, a stage prop he just happened to import into Baghdad? Amazing. Absolutely amazing. But don't worry, I've got several more angles and more to report on this story in the days ahead. If they think this is going away, oh....

ABC News

BBC News

And there are lots more articles here.

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