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FEMA continues to dazzle

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Despite Bush posing for photo-ops as a man in charge during and after Rita, FEMA isn't exactly winning high grades from its reaction to Rita. Sounds like a lot of Drownies around that place these days.

But the agency was not ready for the roughly 1,500 people displaced by Hurricanes Rita and Katrina who sought help at the Houston center when it reopened Wednesday.

The line started forming Tuesday night, and as temperatures reached record highs, some people fainted and had to be carried off by police and other refugees.

FEMA spokesman Justin Dombrowski said the agency closed the center for the day because of the heat and the unexpectedly large crowds. [Sure, who would have guessed that you would have crowds after a natural disaster?]

Griffith said he has asked Gov. Rick Perry to set up a commission to study the emergency response to Rita. Congress is holding hearings this week on the federal government's response to Katrina.

FEMA spokesman Ross Fredenburg in Austin said communications between Austin and rural East Texas have been troubled, in part because of power problems. But he said FEMA had set up 27 distribution points in 27 southeastern Texas cities.
Great, another GOP-run commission searching for answers. That'll take care of everything. Why not ask DeLay to head the commission since he'll be having some free time coming up? I'm so confident that they will get the bottom of this including the power problems because who ever would even imagine that "power problems" might occur after a hurricane? Nope, there's absolutely nothing out there anywhere in the world that could work without local power or cell phone relay stations. Not in their 1900 world, anyway.

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