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I think they mean the eternal flames of hell

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Reader Phillip writes:

When I first read this piece I thought he was making up snark Maureen Dowd style.
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The only bright spot in the nation's capital for Republicans these days seems to be a flame that burns 24 hours a day in the courtyard at the campaign headquarters for Republican senators.

The Eternal Flame of Freedom is near the National Republican Victory Monument, which commemorates the 1994 "Republican Revolution," when the GOP wrested control of Congress out of Democratic hands.
But no! They actually have a flame, and a victory monument. Clearly these folk do not read Shelly who penned a line or two about people building memorials to themselves.

And the kicker is that anyone could get their name inscribed on the victory monument if they became a 'platinum' donor. You can almost hear the infomercial voice-over, "but wait, there's more, call now and we will double the benefit, inscribing your name and the name of a loved one on the National Republican Victory Monument. The fully functional working model of the Ronald Regan Eternal Flame is yours to keep whatever you decide. Mount it in your office, your den, or your back deck where it doubles as a BBQ...

Of course they will build a monument for Dufus sooner or later. My suggestion is to get in there first. A twenty foot high statue of the Abu Ghraib crucified man holding a 'mission accomplished banner in his hands, sunk up to his waist in a reflecting pool of crude oil.

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