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President Clinton contacting head of Disney over rekindled "Path to 9/11" controversy

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President Clinton's office has just informed me that they're "taking it all the way to the top at Disney to find out why they're not enforcing copyright" in this matter.

You'll recall that not only is FOX planning on broadcasting the false and defamatory scenes that were cut from Disney/ABC's error-riddled documentary "Path to 9/11," but Disney/ABC have announced that they have no intention of enforcing their copyright in this matter, and demanding that FOX not rebroadcast Disney/ABC's scenes without permission. In fact, ABC's Entertainment president has said that he believes the already-proven-wrong documentary is 100% factual.

It's interesting to note that Disney/ABC had no problem shutting down a liberal blogger who was concerned about hate speech on an ABC radio station in California. In that case, when the blogger posted hateful content from ABC's radio show, ABC's lawyers got the blogger's site pulled down, claiming copyright infringement. But in this case, ABC is no longer so interested in copyright. Of course, this is the same ABC that keeps a known homophobe on the payroll at "Grey's Anatomy," and the same ABC that has decided to employee another extremist at Good Morning America, a man who has used the word "faggot" on the air, a move criticized by the largest gay anti-defamation organization in America, and a man who has claimed that every Muslim-American needs to prove that they are not working with the terrorists.

It's also interesting to note that this latest controversy is all Disney/ABC's doing. The man who directed the inaccurate documentary has been traveling around the country, publicly showing the inaccurate scenes that were cut from the TV show. Disney/ABC has seemingly had no concern whatsoever that this man has been broadcasting scenes that they intentionally cut from their film. And it was at one of these broadcasts that FOX conveniently filmed what they're going to show Sunday night. Had Disney/ABC not tacitly agreed to let the director show the cut scenes around the country, this scandal seemingly would not be back in the news (except of course for the fact that Disney/ABC is permitting people to post the scenes on YouTube, so they clearly have no desire to control the dissemination of the inaccurate and defamatory information).

This is the new ABC. The channel of revisionism, lies, and hate. Someone needs to tell ABC that hate is not a family-hour value.

PS Here's some background on the lies that Disney/ABC put in this fake documentary.

  1. Disney/ABC blame American Airlines, falsely - this was kept in the film.
  2. A scene where former National Security advisor Sandy Berger pulls the plug on a clear chance to take out Osama Bin Laden. According to the 9/11 Commission report, this never happened.
  3. A scene where Madeleine Albright overrules military commanders and insists on informing the Pakistanis about a missile strike on a suspected Bin Laden hideout. According to the 9/11 Commission Report, this never happened.
  4. A scene indicating Bush demanded aggressive action after receiving the August 6 Presidential Daily Brief entitled "Bin Laden Determined to Strike in USA." According to Condoleezza Rice's testimony before the 9/11 commission, this never happened. (The last 3 points I got from ThinkProgress, just copied them directly as they were quisuccinctint.)
  5. Disney/ABC hired evangelical activist who sought ttransformorm Hollywood."
  6. Even conservative Reagan Administration official Bill Bennett said Disney/ABC should correct the inaccuracies.

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