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ABC Entertainment president personally attacks Sandy Berger, says error-riddled "Path to 9/11" was totally true

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I am simply astounded that after it was proven categorically that Disney/ABC screwed up the history of 9/11, as proven by the 9/11 Commission's own report, that Disney/ABC are now not only still claiming that there were no errors, but they're now launching personal attacks on President Clinton's former National Security Adviser.

[ABC Entertainment president Stephen] McPherson said the network "loved" the film and stands by it. He also denies that it was irresponsibly fictionalized or at all driven by any campaign to distort the facts.

"Everything in that movie is backed up tenfold," he insists. "We think it was a really important thing to air. And you know, it's unfortunate that, for other agendas, people tried to squash it." When it was pointed out that ABC tried to backpedal with its last-minute alterations on 'Path to 9/11,' McPherson shot back, "We didn't backpedal. We aired the movie. We didn't change anything for those guys. We aired it as planned on the dates that were planned.

"I mean, it's a little odd to have (former National Security Advisor for the Clinton Administration) Sandy Berger telling you about what's truthful or not when he was indicted for stuffing documents into his pants on this very subject."
In fact, we already know for a fact, via the 9/11 Commission Report, that the scene about Sandy Berger was entirely false. So what's a little odd is that the head of ABC Entertainment, the president himself, is outright lying about the history of September 11, and using Republican talking points while so doing.

This is beyond sickening. It's an outright effort by Disney/ABC to not only rewrite the history of 9/11, but to influence the presidential race against Hillary Clinton. That is the only reason these allegations are again coming up the week that Hillary announces her presidential run. Disney/ABC are getting involved in politics, trying to influence our presidential elections. And that, my friends, is going to be their end of their company. Someone needs to remind Disney/ABC of just who is in charge of Congress, and just who is very likely to win the presidency in less than 24 months.

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