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GOP Senator Inhofe compares global warming science to Hitler propaganda

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And this freak of a Republican Senator runs the Senate Environment Committee.

Global warming is considered a fact by pretty much every credible scientist. It's not longer even debatable. And I quote ABC News just a few weeks ago, commenting on George Bush saying that we don't know if Global Warming is manmade or not:

The President -- as far as the extensive and repeated researches of this and many other professional journalists, as well as all scientists credible on this subject, can find -- is wrong on one crucial and no doubt explosive issue. When he said -- as he also did a few weeks ago -- that "There's a debate over whether it's manmade or naturally caused" ... well, there really is no such debate.

At least none above what is proverbially called "the flat earth society level."

Not one scientist of any credibility on this subject has presented any evidence for some years now that counters the massive and repeated evidence -- gathered over decades and come at in dozens of ways by all kinds of professional scientists around the world -- that the burning of fossil fuels is raising the world's average temperature.

Or that counters the findings that the burning of these fuels is doing so in a way that is very dangerous for mankind, that will almost certainly bring increasingly devastating effects in the coming decades.
And we've got the Republican in charge of the environment for all of the US Senate comparing this fact to Nazi propaganda.

Had enough of the Republicans?

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