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ACTION ALERT: Call Congress, ask if THEY'RE defending THEIR marriages

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UPDATE: Here how one call went to Senator Crapo's office (R-ID) - it's hysterical - and a few other offices. And you can now watch Bush's bigoted White House announcement about the amendment today.

Today I'd like you to call the offices of the members of Congress who support the gay-bashing "Marriage Protection Amendment" and demand to know if THEY and THEIR STAFF are protecting marriage in their own lives.

In a nutshell, the religious right and far-right Republicans have said repeatedly that the "gay marriage" battle is really about outlawing:

  • sodomy
  • masturbation
  • adultery
  • prostitution
  • out-of-wedlock sex
  • marriages that cannot procreate
We here at AMERICAblog couldn't agree more. That's why we are asking our readers to contact members of Congress who support the anti-gay constitutional amendment, and to ask them if they're defending marriage in their own lives.

Specifically, we'd like you to ask them to vow that in the past, now, and in the future they will abstain from sodomy (including same-sex and/or male-female analingus, cunnilingus, and fellatio), masturbation, adultery, prostitution, out-of-wedlock sex, and marriages that cannot procreate. We will also ask them about divorce, as there is no greater threat to marriage today than divorce (in addition, the Bible makes clear that divorce is a no-no).

President Bush is hosting a number of America's top anti-gay bigots at the White House at 1:45PM Eastern today in order to "celebrate" the House and Senate's upcoming vote on the "Marriage Protection Amendment" - an amendment to the United States Constitution that would ban gay marriage, repeal civil unions, and deny gay couples most of the rights that male-female couples take for granted (insurance, hospital visitation, inheritance, and more).

What the far-right says the anti-gay marriage amendment is about:

1. Opposing Sodomy

US Rep. John Hostettler argues that the Supreme Court has found a "right" to sodomy in the US Consitution, and this is part of the reason that gay marriage will be legalized some day if the amendment is not passed.

The Christian Coalition also bemoans the loss of laws making sodomy illegal, a loss they say has lead to gay same-gender marriage becoming legal in Massachusetts:
...a radical 5-4 Supreme Court majority [struck] down America's sodomy laws in the infamous Lawrence vs. Texas case in 2003, which the 4 judicial tyrants on the Massachusetts Supreme Court then cited in their infamous 4-3 decision legalizing homosexual "marriage" in Massachusetts.
The the men at the Concerned Women for America are also very upset about the legalization of sodomy, and tie it directly to the gay marriage debate.

And finally, the Southern Baptists are equally upset about sodomy being legal, and say that such legalization will lead to gay marriage:
The U.S. Supreme Court's decision in Lawrence v. Texas overturned a law that classified sodomy as illegal and opened a floodgate that many feel can never be closed again. The decision in effect legalizes homosexuality. The natural progression from that decision is to redefine the biblical model of marriage: one man to one woman.
2. Only sanctioning marriages that can procreate.

From the Republican Party of Texas:
Marriage is the union of the only type of couple capable of natural reproduction of the human race—a man and a woman. Children need both mothers and fathers, and marriage is society’s way of obtaining them.
3. Outlawing prostitution, adultery, masturbation and fornication (i.e., sex out of wedlock).

I'm not kidding. This is Justice Scalia's dissent written three years ago in the Lawrence v. Texas case that outlawed state laws making sodomy illegal:
State laws against bigamy, same-sex marriage, adult incest, prostitution, masturbation, adultery, fornication, bestiality, and obscenity are likewise sustainable only in light of Bowers’ validation of laws based on moral choices. Every single one of these laws is called into question by today’s decision; the Court makes no effort to cabin the scope of its decision to exclude them from its holding.

1. Call the members of Congress, House and Senate, in the lists below. Then report back to AMERICAblog, either via the comments or by email, and tell us what the office told you.

Congressional Switchboard: 1-888-355-3588 (then ask for the specific Senate Office). Or use this page to direct phone numbers for the Senators listed below.

2. MESSAGE: Hello, I'm calling to find out if the member of Congress supports traditional marriage? Can you tell me if he or she masturbates? Do you? What about sodomy, including analingus, cunnilingus and fellatio? Is the member willing to pledge that he/she has never, is not, and will never commit those acts? Has the member ever had sex before marriage? Have you? What about adultery and prostitution? Will they swear never to have been involved, and never to be involved, in either? Will the member promise never to divorce? And finally, if the member is married, do they have children, and if not, why not?

3. VOTE COUNT - Here is who to call

Senators who support the Amendment (bad guys):
Alexander, Lamar (R-TN)
Allard, Wayne (R-CO)
Allen, George (R-VA) - Divorced
Bennett, Robert F. (R-UT)
Bond, Christopher S. (R-MO) - Divorced
Brownback, Sam (R-KS)
Bunning, Jim (R-KY)
Burns, Conrad (R-MT)
Burr, Richard (R-NC)
Chambliss, Saxby (R-GA)
Coburn, Thomas (R-OK
Cochran, Thad (R-MS)
Cornyn, John (R-TX)
Craig, Larry E. (R-ID)
Crapo, Mike (R-ID)
DeMint, Jim (R-SC)
DeWine, Mike (R-OH)
Dole, Elizabeth (R-NC) - Barren
Domenici, Pete V. (R-NM)
Ensign, John (R-NV)
Enzi, Mike (R-WY)
Frist, William H. (R-TN)
Graham, Lindsay (R-S) - Unmarried... celibate?
Grassley, Charles E. (R-IA)
Hatch, Orrin G. (R-UT)
Hutchison, Kay Bailey (R-TX) - Divorced
Inhofe, James M. (R-OK)
Isakson, Johnny (R-GA)
Kyl, John (R-AZ)
Lott, Trent (R-MS)
Lugar, Richard G. (R-IN)
Martinez, Mel (R-FL)
McConnell, Mitch (R-KY) - Divorced
Murkowski, Lisa (R-AK)
Nelson, Ben (D-NE)
Roberts, Pat (R-KS)
Santorum, Rick (R-PA)
Sessions, Jeff (R-AL)
Shelby, Richard C. (R-AL)
Smith, Gordon (R-OR)
Stevens, Ted (R-AK)
Talent, James M. (R-MO)
Thomas, Craig (R-WY)
Thune, John (R-SD)
Vitter, David (R-LA)
Voinovich, George (R-OH)

Unclear on the Amendment
Coleman, Norm (R-MN)
Gregg, Judd (R-NH)
Warner, John W. (R-VA)

The rest are NO votes (good guys)


210 House members firmly in favor of the anti-gay amendment (bad guys):

Aderholt, Robert (R-4-AL)
Akin, Rodney P. (R-2-MO)
Alexander, Rodney (R-5-LA)
Bachus, Spencer (R-6-AL)
Baker, Richard (R-6-LA)
Barrett, Gresham (R-3-SC)
Barrow, John (D-12-GA)
Bartlett, Roscoe (R-6-MD)
Barton, Joe (R-6-TX)
Beauprez, Bob (R-7-CO)
Berry, Marion (D-1-AR)
Bilirakis, Michael (R-9-FL)
Bishop, Rob (R-1-UT)
Bishop, Sanford D. (D-2-GA)
Blackburn, Marsha (R-7-TN)
Blunt, Roy (R-7-MO)
Boehner, John (R-8-OH)
Bonilla, Henry (R-23-TX)
Bonner, Jo (R-1-AL)
Boozman, John (R-3-AR)
Boucher, Rick (D-9-VA)
Boyd, Allen (D-2-FL)
Bradley, Jeb (R-1-NH)
Brady, Kevin (R-8-TX)
Brown, Henry (R-1-SC)
Brown-Waite, Ginny (R-5-FL)
Burgess, Michael (R-26-TX)
Burton, Dan (R-5-IN)
Buyer, Steve (R-4-IN)
Calvert, Ken (R-44-CA)
Camp, Dave (R-4-MI)
Cantor, Eric (R-7-VA)
Capito, Shelley Moore (R-2-WV)
Carter, John (R-31-TX)
Chabot, Steve (R-1-OH)
Chandler, Ben (D-6-KY)
Chocola, Chris (R-2-IN)
Coble, Howard (R-6-NC)
Cole, Tom (R-4-OK)
Cooper, Jim (D-5-TN)
Costello, Jerry F. (D-12-IL)
Cramer, Bud (D-5-AL)
Crenshaw, Ander (R-4-FL)
Cubin, Barbara (R-AL-WY)
Culberson, John (R-7-TX)
Davis, Artur (D-7-AL)
Davis, Geoff (R-4-KY)
Davis, Jo Ann H. (R-1-VA)
Davis, Lincoln (D-4-TN)
Davis, Tom (R-11-VA)
Deal, Nathan (R-10-GA)
DeLay, Tom (R-22-TX)
Doolittle, John T. (R-4-CA)
Duncan, John J. (R-2-TN)
Edwards, Charles W. (D-17-TX)
Ehlers, Vernon (R-3-MI)
Emerson, Jo Ann H. (R-8-MO)
English, Phil (R-3-PA)
Etheridge, Bob (D-2-NC)
Everett, Terry (R-2-AL)
Feeney, Tom (R-24-FL)
Ferguson, Mike (R-7-NJ)
Flake, Jeff (R-6-AZ)
Forbes, Randy (R-4-VA)
Ford, Harold (D-9-TN)
Fortenberry, Jeff (R-1-NE)
Fossella, Vito (R-13-NY)
Franks, Trent (R-2-AZ)
Gallegly, Elton (R-24-CA)
Garrett, Scott (R-5-NJ)
Gillmor, Paul (R-5-OH)
Gingrey, Phil (R-11-GA)
Goode, Virgil H. (R-5-VA)
Goodlatte, Bob (R-6-VA)
Gordon, Bart (D-6-TN)
Granger, Kay (R-12-TX)
Graves, Sam (R-6-MO)
Green, Mark (R-8-WI)
Gutknecht, Gil (R-1-MN)
Hall, Ralph M. (R-4-TX)
Harris, Katherine (R-13-FL)
Hart, Melissa (R-4-PA)
Hastert, Dennis (R-14-IL)
Hastings, Doc (R-4-WA)
Hayes, Robin (R-8-NC)
Hayworth, J. D. (R-5-AZ)
Hefley, Joel (R-5-CO)
Hensarling, Jeb (R-5-TX)
Herger, Wally (R-2-CA)
Herseth, Stephanie (D-AL-SD)
Hoekstra, Peter (R-2-MI)
Holden, Tim (D-17-PA)
Hulshof, Kenny (R-9-MO)
Hunter, Duncan (R-52-CA)
Hyde, Henry J. (R-6-IL)
Issa, Darrell (R-49-CA)
Istook, Ernest J. (R-5-OK)
Jefferson, William L. (D-2-LA)
Jenkins, William (R-1-TN)
Johnson, Sam (R-3-TX)
Johnson, Timothy (R-15-IL)
Jones, Walter B. (R-3-NC)
Keller, Ric (R-8-FL)
Kelly, Sue W. (R-19-NY)
Kennedy, Mark (R-6-MN)
King, Peter (R-3-NY)
King, Steve (R-5-IA)
Kingston, Jack (R-1-GA)
Kline, John (R-2-MN)
LaHood, Ray (R-18-IL)
Latham, Tom (R-4-IA)
LaTourette, Steven (R-14-OH)
Lewis, Jerry (R-41-CA)
Lewis, Ron (R-2-KY)
Linder, John (R-7-GA)
LoBiondo, Frank (R-2-NJ)
Lucas, Frank D. (R-3-OK)
Manzullo, Donald A. (R-16-IL)
Marshall, Jim (D-3-GA)
Matheson, Jim (D-2-UT)
McCotter, Thaddeus (R-11-MI)
McCrery, Jim (R-4-LA)
McHugh, John (R-23-NY)
McIntyre, Mike (D-7-NC)
McKeon, Howard "Buck" (R-25-CA)
Melancon, Charlie (D-3-LA)
Mica, John (R-7-FL)
Miller, Candice (R-10-MI)
Miller, Gary (R-42-CA)
Miller, Jeff (R-1-FL)
Moran, Jerry (R-1-KS)
Murphy, Timothy (R-18-PA)
Musgrave, Marilyn (R-4-CO)
Myrick, Sue (R-9-NC)
Neugebauer, Randy (R-19-TX)
Ney, Bob (R-18-OH)
Northup, Anne (R-3-KY)
Norwood, Charlie (R-9-GA)
Nunes, Devin (R-21-CA)
Nussle, Jim (R-1-IA)
Ortiz, Solomon P. (D-27-TX)
Osborne, Tom (R-3-NE)
Otter, Butch (R-1-ID)
Oxley, Michael (R-4-OH)
Pearce, Stevan (R-2-NM)
Pence, Mike (R-6-IN)
Peterson, Collin C. (D-7-MN)
Peterson, John E. (R-5-PA)
Petri, Thomas (R-6-WI)
Pickering, Chip (R-3-MS)
Pitts, Joseph R. (R-16-PA)
Platts, Todd (R-19-PA)
Pombo, Richard W. (R-11-CA)
Porter, Jon (R-3-NV)
Portman, Rob (R-2-OH)
Putman, Adam (R-12-FL)
Radanovich, George (R-19-CA)
Rahall, Nick (D-3-WV)
Ramstad, Jim (R-3-MN)
Regula, Ralph (R-16-OH)
Rehberg, Dennis (R-AL-MT)
Renzi, Rick (R-1-AZ)
Reynolds, Thomas (R-26-NY)
Rogers, Harold (R-5-KY)
Rogers, Michael (R-3-AL)
Rogers, Mike (R-8-MI)
Rohrabacher, Dana (R-46-CA)
Ross, Mike (D-4-AR)
Royce, Ed (R-40-CA)
Ryan, Paul E. (R-1-WI)
Ryun, Jim R. (R-2-KS)
Saxton, Jim (R-3-NJ)
Scott, David (D-13-GA)
Sensenbrenner, F. James (R-5-WI)
Sessions, Pete (R-32-TX)
Shadegg, John (R-3-AZ)
Shaw, Clay (R-22-FL)
Sherwood, Don (R-10-PA)
Shimkus, John (R-19-IL)
Shuster, Bill (R-9-PA)
Simpson, Mike (R-2-ID)
Skelton, Ike (D-4-MO)
Smith, Christopher (R-4-NJ)
Smith, Lamar S. (R-21-TX)
Souder, Mark Edward (R-3-IN)
Spratt, John M. (D-5-SC)
Stearns, Cliff (R-6-FL)
Sullivan, John (R-1-OK)
Tancredo, Tom (R-6-CO)
Tanner, John (D-8-TN)
Taylor, Charles (R-11-NC)
Taylor, Gene (D-4-MS)
Terry, Lee (R-2-NE)
Thomas, Bill (R-22-CA)
Thompson, Bennie G. (D-2-MS)
Thornberry, Mac (R-13-TX)
Tiahrt, Todd (R-4-KS)
Tiberi, Patrick (R-12-OH)
Turner, Michael (R-3-OH)
Upton, Fred (R-6-MI)
Walden, Greg (R-2-OR)
Walsh, James (R-25-NY)
Wamp, Zach (R-3-TN)
Weldon, Curt (R-7-PA)
Weldon, Dave (R-15-FL)
Weller, Jerry (R-11-IL)
Whitfield, Edward (R-1-KY)
Wicker, Roger (R-1-MS)
Wilson, Heather (R-1-NM)
Wilson, Joe (R-2-SC)
Wolf, Frank R. (R-10-VA)
Young, CW Bill (R-10-FL)
Young, Don (R-AL-AK)

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