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They're getting your calls...

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Feedback from our readers who have called the Hill:

SDS reports: Just called Lindsay Graham's office and asked if he was celibate. The girl who answered the phone got nasty and asked me if I was. I said no and then said I'm not a hypocrite. Also called Dole's office and asked for her views on adultery. No response from the secretary.

Bill writes: Just called Lamar Alexander, the staffer continually answered "that's not relevant" "these questions are not relevant, I won't answer."

Lily writes: I called the Senators office in Utah, and asked being that the Congress feels it it their duty to get into bedrooms and use the US Constitution to do it, the I would like to know if he and others are prepared to set an example and let the American people know about their indescretions ?

The secratary sho answered his phone said "You know what ma'am we do not take questions like that"

I said, "well if they are ready to get into legistate our personal sex lives, shouldn't they be prepared to answer"?

hehe.. She got all pissy and asked my zip, which I was happy to give to her.
Keep the feedback coming!

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