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Souter warning on privacy

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Souter and Roberts engaged in a back and forth via footnotes in a Supreme Court case on the Fourth Amendment issued yesterday. Souter's message about privacy sure appears to be a warning:

Justice Souter, usually mild-mannered to a fault, said in Footnote 4 that "in the dissent's view, the centuries of special protection for the privacy of the home are over." By invoking a "false equation" between inviting the police into the home and reporting a secret, he said, the chief justice "suggests a deliberate intent to devalue the importance of the privacy of a dwelling place."
The chief justice and the right wing theocrats devalue the importance of privacy across the board. Just wait til they get to the cases where they can devalue the privacy of a woman's body...or the privacy of interpersonal relationships. That's when we'll see a very deliberate intent to devalue privacy.

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