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It's fundraising week at AMERICAblog

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Just a remind that's it's fundraising week.

Why contribute to AMERICAblog? Here's why.

Because AMERICAblog, like most blogs that are run full-time, lives or dies based on the income we get from donations and ad revenues. This is my full-time job, and has been for a year now. Your donations will pay for our new server and upgrade (coming in the next few months), for monthly bandwidth costs for 2.5 million visitors (that and the server/blog upgrade and maintenance will cost us around $25,000 a year), for my salary, for income for Joe and Chris, for everything associated with running this blog as a true self-sustaining operation.

Over the past two years we've had 25 million visitors, and now get 100,000 visitors on a typical week day. We've had an incredible impact, but we can only continue to do so with your support. (Sound like PBS? Well, yeah, they need your support too - this stuff, unfortunately, isn't free.) I hope to rely exclusively on ad revenues in the near future (i.e., no donations, other than for specific campaigns, fundraising to help people, etc.), and in fact ad revenues have been our main revenue (far outstripping donations) for several months now. But ad revenues have been down the last two months, a lot - last month we only took in 25% of what we made in December. So we need your donations.

If you like our reporting, if you like our commentary, if you like our activism, or simply like our attitude, donate, please. Consider us your favorite magazine, newspaper and advocacy group all wrapped in one.

Thanks for your consideration. And don't forget, your other favorite blogs are probably in the same spot we are - ads have been down across the board the past few months. They're busting their butts too. Please help them out.

Thanks again, JOHN

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