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"Smokey Joe" Barton, R-TX, has a lot of free time on his hands

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Apparently Smokey Joe, the anti-gay, anti-environment, anti-ethics, pro-Big Oil/Energy, pro-cronyism and close friend of Tom DeLay, has already solved all of the difficulties facing the US such as the war, corporate handouts, excessively high gas prices, war in Iraq, budget mess, struggling middle class, he's got it all covered because now he is focused on college football and the Bowl Championship Series. I love college football and think the BCS has plenty of problems but c'mon, what the hell is this guy doing? The GOP is reaching for anything to change the subject from their mountain of failures and this is just their latest. It also shows how much the GOP has become the party of Big Government during the last five years. The GOP is so far from having any answers to the mess that they created so they ought to focus more on that instead of such a secondary issue.

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