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Scalito has no credibility

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Honesty and credibility should be at least minor considerations for Supreme Court nominees. Scalito fails on both counts. His latest contortions to cover up his record make him look even more ridiculous:

Supreme Court nominee Samuel A. Alito Jr. yesterday tried to tamp down criticisms of several past statements -- including his assertion that the Constitution does not protect the right to abortion -- by saying they were personal views or an advocate's work and not necessarily indications of how he might rule if confirmed, according to a key senator who quizzed him for more than an hour....Alito's explanation was meant to lessen the documents' impact, but it may expose him to accusations of insincerity or irresolution, advocates said.
Even the right wingers are starting to get concerned. They want Alito on the Court so he will overturn Roe:
Conservative lawyer Bruce Fein, who was a Justice Department official in the Reagan administration, said he is baffled that Alito is pulling back from his well-argued 1985 memos. "I think the administration is misreading the Senate and the public, because you end up losing more if your credibility is strained and people think you're playing them for dupes," Fein said.
How can any Senator believe anything Scalito says? His standard seems to be just say anything to get the job. He did it before. He's doing it now.

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