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That supposed gay execution story in Iran

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You all may have heard that last week a story was going around about a supposed execution in Iran of two teens killed because they were gay.

The source for the story was sketchy - it was an Irani student news site that often has good stories, I'm told, and sometimes doesn't. The story, also, was written in Farsi so someone, I don't know who, translated it and started passing it around. I didn't report on the story at the time because 1) I have no idea who translated the Farsi and would like to know before I believe them, but more importantly 2) I don't like quoting student news sites I've never heard of (and sites that after I check them out I'm told they're sometimes right and sometimes wrong).

Well, it now appears the story may have been wrong. The Iranis are claiming the kids were executed for putting a knife to the throat of a 13 year old child and raping the child. Now, I don't know if that's true or not, but if it is true, then this isn't a gay story. It might be a death penalty story, and that's fine if that's your cause, but that doesn't make it a story about gays being executed for being gay.

Anyway, that's why I didn't report on this story - I had a hunch that I didn't trust the source, that Irani news site, and it now looks like I may have been right. I also may have been wrong - maybe in the end we'll find out that the Iranians trumped up the charges to get two gay kids, who knows - but I'd rather have those facts in hand before I report them as true. Credibility counts.

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