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I'm going to say it again

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At least give the recipient of your email the respect to read their blog before sending them a suggested story, a photo, or whatever that they've actually already reported on just a few hours ago.

As one person you may not think it's a big deal that you send stuff to blogs and its stuff they've already written about, but you'd be surprised how many people email us EVERY DAY with stories and photos etc that are already on our blog. It gives one the sense that folks are simply spamming us with everything they've got, rather than tailoring your emails to the blog/site in question. You might not think this a big deal, but try wading through several hundred emails a day when an increasing number of them are suggesting things you already wrote about. It's kind of insulting, because it means you really aren't reading the site anyway. But more importantly, you're watering down the value of every email sent to any blogger if you simply send stuff they can't use. That waters down your message and the mesage of every other good email we get.

Again, don't mean to be bitchy, but this email etiquette thing is becoming a problem. For some large organizations, like Hill offices, that have email lists that we've agreed to be on, obviously it's too much trouble to tailor emails, and that's okay. But in general, if you're not operating an email list-serv that someone has already opted in to, and you're just suggesting an article, or whatever, look at the site and see if they're already written about it. Please :-)

That's our bitchy two minutes hate for the day. We now take you back to regular programming.

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