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Spokane City Council asks Anti-gay gay Jim West to quit

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Last night, the Spokane City Council unanimously asked him to resign according to the Spokesman-Review:

The Spokane City Council Tuesday unanimously called for Mayor Jim West to resign, and took an initial step to give the council impeachment power over the mayor through the City Charter.
Well, looks like Jim's appearance on the Today Show yesterday didn't help and might have actually worked against him:
'?Even today as the mayor spoke on national TV, the focus continued to be on the city of Spokane because he sat there as the mayor of Spokane,'? Hession said just before the council voted unanimously in favor of a resolution calling for West to step down.

Councilman Joe Shogan said, '?These energies need to be devoted to moving this city forward.'
The article also noted the apparent discrepancy between Jim's words and actions on gay issues:
On the Today Show, West took issue with a suggestion by Lauer that he has been outspoken in opposing gay rights, interrupting the host midway through one question.

'I voted to represent my legislative district in the Legislature. I was not an advocate,' West said. '?I did not stand up, I was not a leader of the charge in any of those cases. Every representative and every senator from my district voted exactly the way I voted.'

The mayor's anti-gay record includes a 1986 bill sponsored by West and 14 other Republicans that would have barred gay men and lesbians from working in schools, day-care centers and some state agencies. During a 1990 hearing, West proposed that teen sex be criminalized. Both efforts failed.
This guy is too much. Looks like his days as Mayor are numbered.

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