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Friends of the Federal Marriage Amendment

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An email I just received:

Hello, I am 16- a sophmore in highschool. I am just writing on how I think your plan on protecting marriage between a man and a woman in ingenious! If this amendment is passed, it won't be to long till we can move even farther then we are now to rid of this disease of homosexuality. Banning same sex marriage is just the start, you'll can work on requiring all homosexuals to be instituted into a facility to be cured from this disease and even more- just exterminate them or ship them all away off our beautiful land. My family and I are all for the anti-gay movement and are here to tell you that we fully support your movement, although it may take time, but none the less, gays and lesbians will pay the toll for their sinning and plague they are spreading across our land and will burn in hell as they all should.

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