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More White House Deception In The Media a la Gannon

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Wasn't John great on CNN last night? It began with a ridiculous lead-in that implied this was all about "new media" and liberals attacking conservatives. But John deftly highlighted the real issues. National security is one good angle: if this guy's background was so shaky he couldn't get credentialed on the Hill, how the hell did a guy with a fake name gain access to the White House? If they can't keep the White House safe, how can they keep the country safe? Of course, they knew exactly who he was -- as the Karl Rove link above makes highly likely.

So this is the bigger picture: Bush repeatedly lies and deceives the American people via the media. By its own admission, the White House has:

1. Planted fake news stories on local TV stations to push its agenda
2. Put journalists on the government payroll.
3. Had supposed independent journalists testify to Congress when they were being paid off by the govt.
4. Paid off journalists to push its agenda in the larger media.
5. Launched unprecendented tactics to subpoena a number of reporters and try and force them to reveal confidential sources -- all about a story concerning a White House member who broke the law by revealing a CIA agent's identity, thus endangering the lives of friends to the US around the world.
6. And now, planted fake journalists in the White House press room and passed them CIA documents to push its agenda.

The latest media manipulation?

Bush appeared at the Commerce Department with what he pretended was an independent expert to push his fight against class-action lawsuits. That person, Walter E. Dellinger III, is no independent expert who has seen the light on this issue: he and his law firm are paid lobbyists, receiving $780,000 in the last few years to push for the legislation. Can you imagine? Bush made a point of saying Dellinger had worked for the Clinton Administration -- as if that proved his bona fides -- but didn't mention the guy was a shill for the people pushing to change the laws. The President lied. This should be scandalous. But they've done it so often it was blown off in an inside story in the New York Times.

And it worked: the legislation passed the Senate, should pass the House soon and will be signed into law by Bush.

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