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Karl Rove Linked to Gannon Story?

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So just how close is Karl Rove to this story? Well, here's a little tidbit. In an article titled "Freewheeling 'bloggers' are rewriting rules of journalism" (USA Today, December 30, 2003), Kathy Kiely writes:

In the past year:

*, a Web site run by Bobby Eberle, a Houston engineer with no previous journalism experience, scored an interview with President Bush's top political adviser, Karl Rove.
Mr. Eberle is the CEO of and Talon News, Jeff Gannon's employer. He regularly writes on under the byline:
By Bobby Eberle
Talon News
So gets access to Rove. Interesting. Gannon/Talon also get access to CIA documents that expose undercover CIA operative Valerie Plame. Very Interesting. Is there a link? Only the Justice Department investigation knows. Wonder what's holding up that prosecution?

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