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Romney to remove pre-existing condition protections for 1/3 US workforce, 89m Americans

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I wrote earlier about how Mitt Romney had flip-flopped four times yesterday on whether he'd repeal all of the President's Health Care Reform law.  Romney is famous for not having a set position on anything, but rather reading the tea leaves on any particular day.  So it was somewhat surprising, even for the eminently flip-flopable Mitt Romney, to flip-flop four times yesterday on this one issue

To recap: First, yesterday morning Romney said that he wouldn't repeal health care reform's provisions that would stop insurance companies from turning you down based on pre-existing conditions.  (He also said that he wouldn't repeal the provisions that make insurance companies accept kids up until the age of 26 on their parents' plans.)

Then later in the day, Romney's staff said "no," he's for repealing all of it.

Then, yesterday evening, Romney's staff said "nuh uh," Romney will keep the pre-existing conditions party mostly.

Then, when folks actually looking at the exact words that Romney's staff used, they realized that Romney wasn't planning on doing anything that wasn't already in the law, and under Romney's proposal one-third of the American workforce, 89 million Americans, would lose the pre-existing condition protections they currently have under ObamaCare, as Romney so derisively calls it.

Mind you, that's in addition to the six million children who would lose health insurance under Romney's plan because they're currently on their parents' insurance.

So, grand total for the number of Americans hurt under Mitt Romney's health care reform repeal proposal, 95 million.

And counting.  I'll be hurt by Romney's repeal because ObamaCare is the only thing guaranteeing that I'll have insurance to cover my asthma drugs.  Currently, Blue Cross Blue Shield cuts me off every year because my asthma drugs cost "too much."  Under ObamaCare, annual limits on coverage would go away, and in principle I'd no longer have to go abroad every year to find cheaper versions of the same drugs.

So people like me will very much be hurt by Mitt Romney's proposed repeal of ObamaCare.  As will any parent who currently has child age 26 or younger on their health insurance.  As will anyone who ever changes jobs, loses their job, moves to another state, or decides to start consulting - suddenly all of you will be at risk of losing your health insurance all over again, thanks to Mitt Romney.

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