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Hacker takes down GoDaddy, and loads of innocent Web sites. Is it terrorism?

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A hacker who was using a name suggesting that he was with the group Anonymous claims to have taken down Godaddy today, a site that millions of Web sites, including ours, uses to host our DNS records and nameservers and all other complicated technical things that let you find our site by typing in So when they took down Godaddy, they potentially took down access to millions of Web sites across the Internet - I know for a fact we were down for many users today.

I'm not entirely sure why innocent people across the Internet, who have defended Anonymous in the past, like me, now need to pay a financial cost for them shutting down our businesses.  Having said that, the hacker is now saying he did this on his own, it was not an "Anonymous" job.*

A friend writes on Facebook:
Supposedly Anonymous has taken down GoDaddy's servers today because they disagree with the company's stances on certain public policies. If true, Anonymous has also disrupted the operations of hundreds of thousands of small businesses (not Wall Street, they don't use GoDaddy's discount services) and small non-profit organizations. Way to go, geniuses! How is this not cyber-terrorism? They're destroying property and trying to instill fear into those who disagree with what they want in order to try to influence public policy ... and they're hurting millions of other innocent people at the same time. How are these guys not terrorists?
*Before anyone mentions how "Republican" Godaddy's owner is, it's still not clear that possibly millions of innocent Web sites, and businesses, should pay a price for that.  I started using them before I knew their owner's politics. To change to another service now, when I'm not even breaking even on the blog many months, would be a change I can't afford at the moment (their competitors charge more, and I'd also have to pay someone to move our dozens and dozens of domain names).  If the economy ever comes back, then we'll talk.

But in any case, should innocent Web sites, Web businesses, across the Net be held hostage to a grudge someone has against Godaddy?

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