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The Climate series: a reference post (UPDATED)

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This post lists all the pieces that make up our Climate series. I'll update this post with new links until the series is complete. The order is not quite chronological; the pieces are grouped mainly by sub-topic.

For those of you who have been following along, thanks for reading.

Posts in the Climate Catastrophe series

A walk through the numbers
Two recent phenomena
Toward a solution: Preface
Toward a solution: Suggestions

Writing and interviews referenced

The following lists major writing referenced in this series (do click; all are data-rich).

The Copenhagen Diagnosis document (below) was prepared ahead of the 2009 Copenhagen climate conference, which affirmed the 2°C (3½°F) "ceiling" then adjourned with no action.
A few helpful interviews:
The series will close with a group of posts containing my own suggestions — thoughts on goals, targets and tactics. Thanks for giving this issue your attention.


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