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RomneyCare in a nutshell: "I AM gonna pay a lot for this muffler!"

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Here's the answer to what ObamaCare does to Medicare, in just 11 seconds:

That's it.

ObamaCare didn't cut Medicare benefits one bit.  You still have exactly the same benefits you had before.  ObamaCare did however tell doctors, hospitals, insurance companies and Big Pharma that they weren't going to get the cash cow they were previously getting from Medicare recipients.

ObamaCare in essence told Medicare that they're not gonna pay a lot for this muffler.   And now they don't.

RomneyCare, on the other hand, proposes keeping Medicare benefits the same as under ObamaCare, but simply paying more for them.

RomneyCare in a nutshell: I want to pay even more for that muffler!

From AP:
Obama's cuts were not directly aimed at Medicare's 48 million beneficiaries; instead they affect hospitals, insurers, nursing homes, drug companies and other service providers. Simply undoing the cuts would restore higher payments to those service providers.
"People need to look at what these spending reductions are before they conclude that they are really eager to undo them," said Paul Van de Water, a senior budget analyst with the liberal Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. "Why should Medicare beneficiaries want to pay more to providers to provide the same benefits?"
Our government is simply doing what Europe has been doing forever - using its bargaining power to get a better deal from healthcare providers, insurers and Big Pharma.  Romney calls that "ObamaCare" - I call that capitalism, and a bargain.

So to recap, RomneyCare won't provide any more services or benefits to Medicare recipients.  It will simply pay Romney's political supporters more of your money for the exact same health care you get under ObamaCare.

RomneyCare is the equivalent of the $30,000 Pentagon toilet.  Why pay a reasonable price for something when you can grease the pockets of a big Republican donor at the expense of the deficit and the taxpayer?

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