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Romney wants Pres. Obama to apologize for being mean

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That's the best he's got?

First Romney called Obama a liar in a campaign ad this week, now he's demanding an apology.  Those are pretty much the two sure signs of a floundering candidate: calling the other guy a liar and then demanding an apology.  The American people don't tend to reward candidates who whine.  Probably because it suggests weakness.  It makes you sound like a kid.  Weak.  Ineffectual.  Wimpy.

(Not to mention, it's more than ironic that Mitt Romney, the man who's first political ad intentionally misquoted the President in order to make it appear that he said something that everyone agrees he did not - Obama was quoting John McCain, Romney then claimed the quote as Obama's - is now concerned about "lying.")

The larger issue is that Mitt Romney still hasn't explained why he filed two different forms with the federal government, one that claimed he had retired from Bain Capital in 1999, and the other which claimed he was the president, CEO and chair of the board of Bain well past 1999.  Lying on such forms is a felony.  And Romney can play the "apology" card all he wants, it still doesn't explain why he filed two conflicting documents with the federal government - something that if you and I did, we'd be facing a criminal investigation.

Of course, Mitt Romney's entire political career is defined by conflicting positions.  He's waffled on abortion, gay rights, gun control, immigration, the bailout, health care reform, and even about Ronald Reagan.  Mitt Romney's reality is whatever's necessary at the moment.  And for whatever reason, it was beneficial to Romney to be both the head of Bain, and gone from Bain, at the same time, so he chose Option C, "all of the above."

The only problem is that it's one thing to lie to the American people, it's another to lie to the federal government in federal filings.  And the best explanation Romney can muster is "yes, it is a crime, so I obviously didn't do it."

It just doesn't work that way, outside of Mitt Romney's head.  In Romney-world, corporations aren't just people, they're better than people.  They, and the people who run them - the people who are them - can do no wrong.

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