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Romney aide swears at site holy to Polish people

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And here we all thought today's gaffe would be Romney telling a Polish joke.  And there's video too, via Jonathan Martin at Politco:
As Romney was walking away from Pilsudski Square toward his vehicle, reporters asked him about his string of gaffes and whether he had any comment for Palestinians, some of whom took offense at the Republican’s suggestion Monday in Jerusalem that Israel’s economy is superior because of cultural advantages Israelis enjoy. Romney ignored the questions and got in his car.

But his traveling press secretary was furious.

“Kiss my *ss; this is a holy site for the Polish people,” said aide Rick Gorka. “Show some respect.”

Gorka then told a reporter to “shove it.”
Guess the pressure has gotten to be a bit too much for Team Romney. Perhaps they should stay at home next time and stick with kindergartens. I understand "My Pet Goat" is a good read.

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