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Alan Grayson on Darcy Burner—Help her win her primary next week

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Darcy Burner is in a very tight primary race in Washington state against a very wealthy, self-funded "centrist" Democrat — one who may be a felony violator of Federal election law, by the way.

It's the classic race between a real progressive and one of those "Democrats" loved by DCCC-style Washington.

Darcy Burner's primary is next week. She needs your help to win. Here's Alan Grayson to say why (via email and Facebook; my emphasis):
Dear Friend:

When Darcy Burner was running for Congress in 2008, her house burned down. No one was hurt, but she and her husband and son had to leave had to leave, quickly.

So everyone got to see what Darcy wears, or doesn't wear, at 7 a.m. in her own home.

Darcy was wearing an anti-war t-shirt. See for yourself - it says "Stop the War" in computer code.

That's Darcy, in a nutshell. Anti-war - even in private, where no one but her family could see it.

Darcy also supports full employment, universal healthcare, taking corporate money out of politics, ending discrimination, making higher education affordable for everyone, improving pay and benefits, and reducing inequality. Both publicly, and at 7 a.m. in her home, with no one around but her family.

That's important. We've had a lot of supposedly "progressive" candidates who can carry a tune during their campaigns, but then forget the lyrics after they are elected. Darcy won't be that way. She is who she is who she is.

I have often said that we don't just need more Democrats, we need better ones. If Darcy is elected to Congress, she will be a very good one.

Darcy lost by a narrow margin in 2008. She is running again, her primary is a week from tomorrow, and the latest poll shows one point between her and her key rival.

It's a horserace. And it's time to place our bets. Please click here to support Darcy Burner, because we can count on her to be what she says that she is.


Alan Grayson
Darcy Burner looks like an Alan Grayson–progressive; aggressive, results-oriented, and committed to principle. For more on Darcy Burner, go here. I think you'll be very pleased by what you see. I sure was.

As Alan says, it's time. The primary is next week. Are you ready to help a sister? Are you ready to win a few? If so, Alan and Darcy are asking for your support.

As am I.


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