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Zimmerman back in jail for Trayvon Martin shooting after bond revoked

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It seems Zimmerman claimed he had little money, while in fact he had $135,000 in new donations to his legal defense fund.

Zimmerman is now claiming that the money is going to an independent trust and that he can't access it, since it's only for his defense.

And while that may be true, Zimmerman appears to have been playing a little bit of a game with the judge. Sure, if the money really is in a trust, and he can't access it, then he wouldn't have had that $135,000 available to post bond for his bail. But you tell the judge that up front, you don't decide what is and isn't relevant to tell the judge. This entire episode makes Zimmerman look less credible, and that's not what his defense needed.

I've not been such a fan of the trial-by-Internet of Zimmerman. People got a number of basic facts wrong in the first few days - including Zimmerman's race. But beyond that, we have no idea what really happened that night. And it doesn't matter what some expert said on TV - that doesn't mean we "know" what happened. The witnesses, for example, are all over the place at this point - making any testimony, past or future, suspect in my eyes.

The only way to approach knowing the truth is to have this case go to trial. And even then, I'm not convinced the trial is going to shed much light on what actually happened that night.

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