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CA primary: Alan Grayson on Lee Rogers, running against Buck "Drones R Us" McKeon

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As you know, we at La Maison strongly encourage you to support two strong progressives in this Tuesday's California primary — Norman Solomon (CA-2) and Dr. Lee Rogers (CA-25).

Both have great shots to win, and both are real progressives, men who will support progressive values against either Republican or Democratic attack. For information on both, click here.

Here's more on Lee Rogers himself from Alan Grayson, a strong supporter.

Lee's opponent, Rep. Buck McKeon, has a long track record of lobbyist-related corruption. McKeon is why you will see drones over U.S. airspace — because it benefits the McKeon family financially to do so.

But there are other reasons for supporting Lee. Grayson (I've added some emphasis):
Dear [friend]:

Members of Congress can claim expertise in two things: getting elected, and getting re-elected. But they legislate on everything that the Constitution allows. So you have lawyers and businessmen conducting hearings on space exploration, lawyers and businessmen drafting legislation on mining, lawyers and businessmen voting on foreign policy resolutions.

Wouldn't it be nice to support a candidate for Congress who is a true expert in something other than campaigning? Well, you can; his name is Dr. Lee Rogers, in California's 25th Congressional district.

Dr. Rogers is a podiatrist and an award-winning medical researcher. He runs the Amputation Prevention Center in Los Angeles, and he teaches medicine. He pioneered a new protocol for diabetes patients that reduced amputations by 72%.

If you want to see a person like that in Congress, click here.

Back in the 1990s, I worked with someone who had a severe case of diabetes. I watched his health deteriorate over the years. The circulation in his legs weakened to the point where a foot was amputated.

It was terrible.

But if my friend were alive today, Dr. Rogers probably could save that foot.

Healthcare is now one-sixth of the US economy. Imagine how good it would be to have someone in Congress who knows it so well.

A doctor who would be in a position to improve healthcare in America? What a concept!

I'm happy that Dr. Rogers is a solid progressive. I'm happy that a Rogers victory means the defeat of Buck McKeon, who has been called the most corrupt Member of Congress. But I'm especially happy that Dr. Rogers knows something about something - a quality that Congress sorely needs. For the good of Congress, and our health, I'd like to see Dr. Lee Rogers in Congress.

California is holding its "jungle primary" next Tuesday, where Democrats and Republicans are lumped together. To have a chance against Dirty Buck in November, Dr. Rogers has to do well on June 5. Please show your support.


Alan Grayson
Tuesday is coming up; it's tomorrow on my calendar. You have to play to win, progressives. Play-day is tomorrow — please support Norman Solomon and Dr. Lee Rogers. (The links go to their ActBlue pages.)



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