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Right wing journalist heckles Obama during immigration announcement

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This happened yesterday, but with John still woozy from his second cataract surgery having taken place Thursday night, we missed a few things on Friday (John says he's fine, the eye is still blurry from the dilation, and hopefully should improve in a few days.)

Now back to the jerk who heckled the President at the White House.  Classy bunch, as always. Imagine what Fox News would do if a liberal journalist did this during the Bush years. The heckler should have been removed immediately. In no way was he waiting for the right moment as he now says. It's obvious he was heckling and not interested in doing anything other than be a jerk and getting his 15 minutes.

Obama's mistake was to give the guy an answer or refer to him in any way. That will only encourage more hecklers.  Remember what happened after "You lie!"  They scoured the health care bill to see if they could tighten up its anti-immigrant provisions, in order to assuage the jerk's concerns.  If you let these guys get away with coarsening the culture, things will only get worse.

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