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Five Questions: Frances Causey, director of the documentary "Heist"

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One more interview in our series, Five Questions, about American history, progressives, Democrats and the future.

Today's interviewee is Frances Causey, producer–director of the new, highly acclaimed documentary Heist: Who Stole the American Dream?

Heist tells the story of the theft of America, starting with the Powell memo; strong stuff, and a story every progressive should be aware of.

Five questions, Frances Causey with Gaius Publius, recorded at Netroots Nation 2012. Enjoy:

About the movie: The trailer tag line says: "This is the story of the biggest heist in American history." You can play that trailer here.

The longer version of the trailer is below, and watching it would be an excellent use of time. It tells a well-told tale and provides a valuable look back. Knowing how we got into this mess shows the way out.

The full list of "Five Questions" interviews includes the following. Links to names will take you to previously-published interviews.
These interviews will be concluded this week. Thanks for listening to them.

(If you have trouble with this audio, please let me know in the comments and I'll address it as quickly as I can. Thanks.)


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