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Are gay Republicans self-loathing or just selfish?

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Are gay Republicans self-loathing or just selfish?

And is there a difference?

Dan Savage has been taking a gay Republican group to task for endorsing Mitt Romney for President when Romney opposes every single major (and minor) gay civil right being debated today.

The gay group, called GOProud, had already said that they'd endorse whoever the Republican candidate was, leading many to wonder if the group wasn't simply a front for Republicans attempting to co-opt the gay Republican vote, which usually measures in the 25-30% range.

Dan gave a detailed explanation as to why these particular gay Republicans are self-loathing.  But some in the comments to the post argued that it's not self-hatred motivating them, it's simply selfishness - they know they'll probably get yet another tax cut with Romney, so to hell with their civil rights.

I'd argue that in this case self-loathing and selfishness are the same thing.  By not having sufficient respect for yourself, you see no problem in putting your material (monetary) interests above your own humanity.  You've done the balance sheet, you've compared the two interests (money and self), and decided that money is more important expressly because you don't like yourself and therefore devalue its relative importance.

Take a look at my post over at AMERICAblog Gay, and Dan's brilliant (and scathing) analysis, and see what you think.

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