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Why do the Romneys think that Catholics aren't good enough Christians?

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Mitt Romney says he's the great defender of the Catholic faith, and chose to wear his "pro-Catholicism" on his sleeve in order to bash President Obama over the recent contraceptive policy controversy.

It's therefore interesting that both Mitt Romney and his son have tried in the past to convert Catholics to Mormonism.  It's not exactly a stellar way to show how much you want to save Catholicism, by wiping it out.

Here's some of what I wrote about in an earlier post:

Mitt Romney's son went to South America to convert Latino Christians away from Catholicism and to Mormonism. Mitt Romney himself went to France in the early 1970s to, again, convert the French from Christianity - Catholicism, again, in their case - to Mormonism.

It's interesting that the Mormons bristle at the suggestion that they are not Christians, yet they do not seem to consider Catholics Christian enough to be exempt from Mormon attempts at conversion. After all, why would Catholics need to be converted to Mormonism, in order to be saved, if in fact we're all Christians?

Those are the kind of questions Mitt Romney would ask of Barack Obama if the Mormon shoe were on the other foot. But no one dares ask Mitt Romney the very type of questions he has himself posed to President Obama.

If Mitt Romney thinks Reverend Wright is fair game - an attack that many consider thinly-veiled racism - then isn't it at least fair to inquire why Mitt Romney and his son believe that Catholics are lesser Christians than Mormons?
I know that when I was in the Russian Far East in the early 1990s, and saw evangelical Christians proselytizing in the local Petropavlovsk airport, apparently to convert the "heathen" Orthodox Christians (of which I am a member) to the "only true" Christianity, I was supremely offended. Not simply that they considered my faith inferior, but that they knew we were Christians, just like they were, yet they still had the nerve to treat us like we were some kind of savage jungle tribe that needed saving.

Now that Mitt Romney has gone on the record as wanting to be president so he can defend the Catholic faith, it's relevant for us to have a discussion of just how good a defender of the Catholic faith Mitt Romney really is.

And judging by his, and his son's, efforts to convert Catholics to Mormonism in multiple countries, Romney's record in defending Catholicism isn't all that great.

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