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Poll: New low for support of Afghanistan war

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Who are the 27% that support this ridiculous war? It's about time the DoD had a serious come-to-Jesus about spending and start spending at home. These wars have been a terrible drain on the economy yet the defense industry keeps finding new toys to play with as though we're not in a beaten down economy. There have been some cuts to Pentagon spending but it's nowhere near enough for one of the most bloated parts of the government.

The original purpose of being in Afghanistan passed years ago so let's declare victory and cut the spending now. If the 27%ers want to support the war, let them start writing the checks. The US is locked in to spending there whether we like it or not. There's a high likelihood the situation will rapidly deteriorate after the US pulls out completely but after eleven years, so be it. Nation building was a bad idea before and it's just as bad today. LA Times:

On the heels of President Obama's surprise visit to Afghanistan last week, in which he pledged to "finish the job we started" and "end this war responsibly," the American public’s support for the 11-year conflict has reached a new low, according to a poll.

Just 27% of respondents said they back the U.S. military effort in Afghanistan, the new Associated Press-Gfk poll found. Of the 66% who said they oppose the war, about half said they believe the presence of American troops in Afghanistan is doing more harm than good.

But among all respondents, nearly half -- 48% -- said they think the continued U.S. military presence is doing more to help Afghanistan become a stable democracy.

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