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Egyptians watch first ever presidential debate

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TV debates may not be everything that they've been told it is, but it's probably better than the old dictatorship. Hopefully the new president will bother to listen to the people and make some efforts towards democracy but they shouldn't get their hopes up. The Guardian:

Millions of Egyptians tuned into the first ever presidential debate in the country's history on Thursday night between frontrunners Amr Moussa and Abdel-Moneim Abul-Futoh.

With former president Hosni Mubarak languishing in hospital as he awaits sentencing next month, Egyptians watched two private satellite channels to witness an event held within its borders for the first time: a bona fide presidential debate.

There are 13 candidates in the campaign, which begins on 23 May, but the two who showed up for the TV bout were the established frontrunners in the polls, former foreign minister Moussa and former Muslim Brotherhood member Abul-Futoh.

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