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The Go-Go's - We got the beat

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The Go-Go's were such a fun band. It's not possible to listen to them and not perk up a bit.

Since so many readers like cooking and food, a quick and easy lentil salad recipe is below. I borrowed the idea from a restaurant that we visited in Greece the other week.

Although I didn't grow up eating lentils, I eat them fairly often here in France and just love them. (And an Indian curry lentil dish is one of my favorites.) In France it's fairly typical to have lentils as a side with pork and in the summer, you will often have a simple cold lentil salad tossed with a vinaigrette and parsley and maybe some chopped tomato.

It's quite similar to the French lentil salad, but also add some chopped Greek black olives and chunks of Feta cheese and if you like, red onion. I made it the other day using the classic oil, vinegar and mustard dressing but we tried it with lemon and that would be a good replacement or even addition to the mix. It's perfect for the summer and it's the type of salad that can be a main if you like.

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