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Catholic church threatens to turn away non-Catholics from emergency rooms

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Get these people out of the hospital business, now.

The Catholic church is now making rumblings about turning away non-Catholics from the emergency rooms of Catholic hospitals. I shudder to make a Nazi analogy, so I won't. But what other analogy is there for a hospital to even dare start talking about picking and choosing who lives and who dies based on their religion?

Welcome to the Vatican death panels.

Don't anyone think for a moment that this isn't a veiled threat of what's to come.

Remember, the Catholic church warned that it would have to stop foster care and adoption services in Washington, DC and Illinois, rather than abide with anti-discrimination laws, and what did they do?  They stopped providing those services in those states.  The Catholic bishops are nothing if not consistent when it comes to following through on their threats to harm their human shields.

What's to stop them from turning away non-Catholics from the emergency rooms of Catholic hospitals - which they just threatened in writing, mind you? These are people who excel at punishing innocent victims, be it a raped five year old or a homeless teenager.

From Maureen Dowd, writing about the latest Catholic scare tactic, distributed in tax-exempt churches, to oppose President Obama's new contraceptive policy that Mitt Romney previously endorsed as well.

The Archdiocese of Washington put an equally alarmist message in the church bulletins at Sunday’s Masses, warning of apocalyptic risk:

“1. Our more than 600 hospitals nationwide, which will need to stop non-Catholics at the emergency room door and say, ‘We are only allowed by the government to heal Catholics.’
The poor oppressed Catholic church.  So oppressed that they get $2.8 billion of taxpayer money every year from the US government.

Call them "God's 1%."

As Dowd reminds us, the Catholic bishops don't really speak for actual American Catholics.  Note the gay polling, below.
I wasn’t surprised to see the Gallup poll Tuesday showing that 82 percent of U.S. Catholics say birth control is morally acceptable. (Eighty-nine percent of all Americans and 90 percent of non-Catholics agreed.) Gallup tested the morality of 18 issues, and birth control came out on top as the most acceptable, beating divorce, which garnered 67 percent approval, and “buying and wearing clothing made of animal fur,” which got a 60 percent thumbs-up (more from Republicans, naturally, than Democrats).

Polygamy, cloning humans and having an affair took the most morally offensive spots on the list. “Gay or lesbian relations” tied “having a baby outside of marriage,” with 54 percent approving. That’s in the middle of the list, above a 38 percent score for abortion and below a 59 percent score for “sex between an unmarried man and woman.”
All they speak for is a Vatican that every four years tries to throw the American election to the Republicans.

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