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Airline to charge $100 for carry-on bags

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Every time I see these expensive luggage fees, I wonder where the savings part is for consumers. I'm still looking. The US airline industry has been gouging Americans with add-on fees for a while now and perhaps because it helps keep the industry out of bankruptcy, nobody in Washington cares. But with this soft economy, they should care if it's one charge after another that is slamming the wallets of voters.

On recent trips to the US, it's been shocking to see luggage fees tacked on during my US portions, as though somehow I'm no longer going to be carrying luggage on my round trip ticket.

In Europe, some airlines (such as EasyJet, Ryan Air and many more) do indeed charge luggage fees. The big difference is that their airfare rates are considerably cheaper than the US airlines for similar distances. If I'm paying $50 for a three hour flight, fine, an additional $20 for luggage is fine but if my three hour flight is $400 (as I paid recently in the US) plus I'm being charged an extra $25 per bag, then there's an issue.

The American public is no longer made of easy credit and disposable incomes. That attitude is pre-crisis. It's about time US businesses such as airlines, ISPs and phone companies caught up to the new reality. The only reason they don't is because they own Washington and they know it. By controlling the political donations, they can call the shots and muscle in or out candidates that behave.

As long as the airline industry continues to get a free ride by Washington, expect more ugly charges like $100 for carry-on luggage by Spirit Airlines. Even worse, look at the airports that they fly into, which aren't necessarily the most convenient airports. I just looked at a flight from Boston to Orlando for early June and was floored with their cost of $450. Since it's Orlando, this probably means vacation so who the heck doesn't have luggage? Even if it's for work, who does't carry clothes for a week? Read more about their many price increases and then check out just how expensive their flights can be.

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