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Trayvon, Zimmerman and a word about photos

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By now we're probably all familiar with the iconic photos of Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman.  The one, undated, dressed in Hollister and looking all of 12 years old.  The other, just as undated, dressed in Gitmo orange, unshaven, wearing an earring, and looking a bit like an immigrant.

Then I saw another photo of Zimmerman leaving the courthouse this past weekend, and he looks nothing like goofy Gitmo guy.

It's interesting how photos influence our judgment.

Have we even seen a photo of what Travyon Martin looked like this year?

Why does it matter, you ask?  It mattered when everyone thought Trayvon looked like he was 12 in that ubiquitous undated photo. By looking 12, he looked all the more innocent, and the crime become all the more outrageous.  The sense of loss and outrage was greater.  But we never did find out when that undated photo was taken (I never could figure out why no one in the media simply asked his family).  And don't tell me that the Gitmo-esque faux mug-shot of Zimmerman didn't influence a few minds either.

Photos are magical.  But they don't always tell a truth.

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