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Lieberman declines to endorse in presidential race

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We're supposed to be thankful that Senator Joe Lieberman is being less jerkish than usual.

Yeah, kind of like the way you're thankful your most recent flare up of herpes is milder than usual. It doesn't change your opinion of the underlying problem.

Lieberman is pompous, and worse, an ingrate. President Obama saved his behind when Democrats were ready to jettison Lieberman from the Dem caucus after his betrayal of endorsing McCain over Obama. And what thanks did President Obama get in return? Lieberman scuttled a last minute deal to improve health care reform.

Thanks Joe!

So this time, as thanks to Obama, Lieberman isn't endorsing the President's re-election, but rather sitting this one out.

Lieberman has been helpful on gay issues, and I'm thankful for that.  But on so much more, he's just so smug and arrogant.  I'm glad he helped us on Don't Ask, Don't Tell, but for the sake of the party, it'll be good to see him go.

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