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Obama releases taxes, likely higher than Romney's

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It would be a shock and a significant tax increase for Romney is he is even paying the same amount as President Obama. Beyond Obama, who made less last year but still enjoyed a healthy income, how many middle class families will have paid higher tax rates than Mitt Romney? For a person who hasn't worked in years and who can still afford an elevator for his cars or chat about his exclusive horse collection, Mitt Romney sure lives a privileged lifestyle. Even though his wife Ann Romney doesn't think they are rich, they are of course among the richest in the country.

Despite all of the nonsense Republican talk about taxes killing job opportunities, the reality is that the US can't afford to give a free ride to people like Romney. There's no question that Romney worked hard but so do plenty of other Americans. The difference is that others didn't grow up with a daddy who was a governor and then corporate CEO who could put their kid in a position to prosper.

Maybe Romney did a better job with what he was given than say, Bush Jr., it was still a privilege that doesn't exist for most others. So why should he and others like him now get yet another easy ride by paying less than everyone else despite being part of the financial elite?

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