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Murdoch's Times of London in the news for hacking

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The Murdoch media empire really struggles with following the law. Whether it's hiring Special Ops or private hackers to spy on the competition or promoting a "culture of illegal payments" this sounds like a rogue organization. Their latest problem is hacking a police blogger. As in a police officer who blogged.

Rupert Murdoch's Times of London is facing a claim for exemplary damages after admitting hacking into the email of an anonymous police blogger to expose his identity, lawyer Mark Lewis told Reuters on Friday.

Lewis, of law firm Taylor Hampton and representing police detective Richard Horton, said Horton had filed for misuse of confidential information, breach of confidence and deceit at London's High Court this week.

The Times exposed Horton as the author of the blog, in which he wrote about police work under the name NightJack, in 2009. Horton had sought an injunction to protect his anonymity but lost his case.
What will be the next scandal at News Corp?

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