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Eyeless crabs: Gulf seafood showing signs of mutations post BP spill

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If you believe BP, there's nothing wrong with the seafood in the Gulf of Mexico. You probably also don't believe in climate change or any other science that shows the negative impact of oil on the environment. As this Al Jazeera article explains, it took nearly four years for the impact of a spill in Alaska to be fully understood but the results are showing much faster in the Gulf of Mexico.

Fishermen and scientists are alarmed by the significant increase in mutated fish and shellfish, including eyeless crabs and shrimp. Overall catches have dropped as well, which should be setting off alarms. The studies will continue but until the court case starts against BP it may be a long time until everything is known.

When discussing domestic oil drilling, Big Oil and their apologists (also known as the GOP) always ignore critical issues such as the negative impact of lost tourism, lost jobs related to the seafood industry as well as lost food sources for Americans. How are those not also important? Just because they don't have the deep pockets to smear everyone else doesn't mean those industries aren't also important, no?

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